Clause 1: Purpose

The general sales conditions described below detail the rights and obligations of CALL & TALK and its customer in relation to the sale of the following goods: radio guides, audio guides and any other product mentioned on the Bluehertz Audioguides website.
Any service performed by CALL & TALK therefore implies the buyer's unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

Clause 2: Price

The prices of the goods sold are those in effect on the day the order is received. They are denominated in euros and are calculated without taxes.
The company, CALL & TALK, reserves the right to change its prices at any time. However, it undertakes to invoice the goods ordered at the prices indicated in the quotation when the order is recorded. The validity of estimates is 6 months.

Clause 3: Discounts

The suggested prices may include discounts that CALL & TALK considers convenient.

Clause 4: Terms of payment

All orders are paid by bank transfer.
The method of payment will be indicated in the personalized budget sent to the customer.

Clause 5: Overdue payment

In the event of total or partial non-payment of the goods delivered on the invoice due, CALL & TALK may require the buyer to pay a late payment penalty equal to 5% of the amount due.

Clause 6: Ownership reservation clause

CALL & TALK retains ownership of the goods sold until full payment of the amount due on the invoice. Therefore, if the buyer is placed under a suspension of payments or forced liquidation, CALL & TALK reserves the right to claim, within the framework of the collective procedure, the goods sold and not paid for.

Clause 7: Delivery

Delivery is made when the goods are delivered to the buyer by the shipping agency.
The delivery time indicated during the order registration is given only as an estimate and is not in any way guaranteed.
Therefore, any reasonable delay in delivery of the products cannot give rise to the customer's benefit in:
• the award of damages
• cancellation of the order

The shipping risk is borne by CALL & TALK.
In the event of missing or damaged goods during shipping, the buyer must make all necessary declarations by e-mail within 48 hours of receipt of the goods.
If the packaging shows any external damage, the buyer must inform the carrier of this in writing on the delivery slip when the goods are delivered.

Clause 8: Warranty

All products offered for sale by CALL & TALK benefit from a 2-year warranty as described in the appendix document, "Warranty Conditions."

Clause 9: Force majeure

The responsibility of the company, CALL & TALK, cannot be executed if the failure or delay in fulfilling one of its obligations described in these general conditions of sale results from a case of force majeure. As such, force majeure means any external, unforeseeable and uncontrollable event.

Clause 10: Court of Jurisdiction

Any dispute related to the interpretation and execution of these general conditions of sale is subject to Spanish law.
In the absence of an amicable resolution, the dispute will be submitted to the Commercial Court of Madrid. 

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